Sunday, August 10, 2008

Movin' On Up!

If you've watched the news lately, you know that the housing market i down. This makes great news for poor working students who live in crappy apartments like me and Nathan who want to take advantage of the poor economy. Thats right, we are getting out of our apartment and into a house. Nate's parent's house. At least until we can find our dream-first home. We've made offers on houses, but by the time we made our offers, other offers were already in play. 

We haven't had much input from anyone but Porter and London, so help us out and let us know which one we should get!

Isn't this one a beauty? This was one of Nathan's favorite. Until we went inside. This house looked like a meth lab. The previous occupants obviously had to get out of this house fast, because they left their massive lime green bra behind. Gross. 

I was looking forward to seeing this house, because the pictures of the kitchen looked awesome. When we went to see it, the doors were unlocked, the A.C. was on and there was a half-full bottle of wine on the counter top, so needless to say we didn't see much of the house. 

This house is my favorite. Its an older house, so its got some winding rooms, and would be great for hide and seek! It also has a cloak room, and if you've ever seen Lady in White, you know why this is terrifying/awesome. If you look closely over the door, you can see a little cross, beneath which the previous owner had painted blood dripping down from it. Pretty!


So let us know what you think! 

P.S. This post is dedicated to Molly!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hutton Halvert Dollander

Some of you might have heard me talk about my job, which I love. Here are some facts about the little nugget of joy I watch all day:
  1. Name: Hutton Halvert "Hal" Dollander
  2. Age & weight: 8 months, a whopping 25 pounds!
  3. Favorite Food: Toast, my cheek, bananas
  4. Favorite Toy: A bottle full of pennies and Nathan

I've been nannying for a while now, but this job is by far my favorite! Me and Nathan are able to carpool to work, and go to lunch at least once a week with little Hal. When I work on the weekends and evenings, Nathan comes along and hangs out with us. He is always super cheerful and rarely ever cries. He's a pretty nice boy.