Monday, February 23, 2009


I know what you're thinking, sheesh this lady loves blogging, but I need your ideas!!! Come summertime, we are completely burnt out and need a vacation!!! So i am soliciting your ideas for an awesome cost effective vacation for me and Nathan. 

Hello Friends

So after weeks of looking 24/7 I have a new job. I don't know why I was stressing, but that comes with having OCD. I applied for probably hundreds of jobs and have come up with a couple options that will be great for our little family. I want to say thanks to all my homies for the good words of encouragement and help and want to especially thank Nathan for giving me the option as working as his Love Slave if I didn't find a job. 

Interviewing was a lot of fun and I am going to enjoy working with other grown humans who can respond with words when I talk to them, getting dressed up in fancy clothes and having a normal schedule. I am going to miss paid nap time, going to work in sweats, doing my homework at work and taking Nathan to work with me, but its all for the best. 

Darcy. Out!

Monday, February 9, 2009

how has a crappy economy effected you?

If you are like me two months ago, you probably thought the economy wasn't that bad. Ignorance is bliss! I have had to learn about our country's troubled times the good old fashioned way, by getting laid off! Not by one, but by two jobs! Storables is closing and my nanny job will continue only until I find a new job. I am just throwing this out there so if anyone knows of any place that is hiring I'd love to know.