Monday, December 8, 2008

Long Time No Blog...Again

So I know a lot of you might have thought Nathan and I have left the blogosphere for good but alas we've been here all along and stalking your blogs. Here are some things that have happened lately.

  1. I picked up a second job at a store called Storables, which specializes in home organization. It's not very glamorous, but the benefits of a huge discount and getting to work with other grownups  (as opposed to babies) makes it all worthwhile. 
  2. My birthday was last week and it was fabulous. Nathan made me my favorite cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory, White Chocolate Raspberry, and he totally kicked Cheesecake Factory's trash. The man's a genius in the kitchen.  
  3. We put an offer down on a house woot woot! Its the perfect little place and has lots of charm and is located in the ward we currently illegally attend. Hopefully the bank just wants to get rid of the thing and won't give us the runaround. 
  4. We're in charge of dessert at the Parrish Christmas dinner, so Matt and Christie let us know if you have any requests!