Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Mini Break

Last night we went to Tucson to see one our favorite bands, Wilco, play. Wow it was awesome! We sat way up in the balcony but its was still a great show. Here are some videos of some of their songs from a documentary about them:

Mini Breaks

A couple of weeks ago Nathan and I went to Prescott for a little mini break. I wasn't expecting much, just a little time away from the heat and our apartment,  but it was a great time! we stayed in Nathan's dad's rental cottage in the Downtown area. All of the homes in that neighborhood are little Victorians like this
So cute, right? There was a classic care show just a couple of blocks away. The weather was so beautiful, maybe 60 degrees. 

Sorry I don't how to get rid of the underlining text! Alright I know the above picture is small, but look closely to see if you can see the Dodge Caravan in the back left of the picture. That car was in the classic car show! 

For a laugh, put space boots on your dog!