Tuesday, May 5, 2009

new NEW clothes!

Ok I'm finished with some 0f my projects and here they are!
Here's the first: I bought this one from forver21 for a couple dollars on the clearance rack. 

Before: After:

I know its nothing too difficult, but hey its a new outfit for a couple of bucks!

This was one of my favorite dresses, but it was just too short.

Before: After:

I cut off the top and added a little bit of tulle to make it little poofy.

This one I think is my favorite. I got it at the Arizona Breast Cancer Thrift Store. (The old DAV)
It looks repulsive on me at first but I loved the fabric. I tried to do my most pitiful before picture

Before:    After:


All I really did here was take the dress in on the sides. 

If anyone has any good ideas about any other projects let me know!